Hebbo Notice - If you face any issues logging in, then please report it to us via our official Discord.
What is Hebbo?
Hebbo is a free virtual world where you can chat, walk, and meet new friends. It is also possible to create your own virtual room you can then decorate to your own aquired taste- you could also relate to a lot of our users as we as a community are very welcoming. So what are you waiting for? Please register or log-in to check out our awesome features such as our fantastic range of custom clothing and our fantastic range of events hosted on a regular, hourly basis. Do not hesitate to come online as we look forward to see you!
Hebbo Safety!
Always remember to pick a unique password and keep it safe! Don't tell anyone your password as you wouldn't want your account to be breached, please alert any member of staff if you wish to have your password modified.
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